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Clocwork feeders, Pendelum Demand feeder, Electronic Feeding , Solar Feeders, Alimentadores para Peces, Truchas, salmon, trout
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FIAP - electronic feeding system FFAZ

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The splitting of the daily feeding amount to several feeding times corresponds with the natural feeding habit of the fish and shows a significant effect to the food conversion rate (FCR). Scientific investigations have shown that 6 -10 feedings compared to only 1- 2 feedings per day have a positive effect on the growth rate. Additionally improved FCR and less feed losses have a positve effect on the water quality and help to protect our environment. Feed should be consumed by the fish and should not lay on the pond ground !

With the FFAZ-electronic feeding system up to 10 feeders can be controlled by just one control unit. The num- ber of feedings and the intervals are adjusted for all feeders in the same way at the control unit, the feed amount and the spreading distance are regulated individually at each feeder.

FFAZ - control unit
The control unit switches permanently between the feeding and the interval rhythm. An additio- nal timer controls the feeding period per day, e.g. 6.00 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • feeding time: 1- 99 sec.
  • interval: 1- 99 min.
  • operation: 1- 24 h
  • power: 12/24 V - DC

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    Retornar a Falke

    Spanish Banner: Intercambio de Enlaces
    Spanish Banner: Intercambio de Enlaces.