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Clocwork feeders, Pendelum Demand feeder, Electronic Feeding , Solar Feeders, Alimentadores para Peces, Truchas, salmon, trout
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FIAP Solar - Feeders

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Using Fiap-solar feeders even ponds without electrical power supply nearby can be equipped with modern feeding technology
  1. model: STANDARD - continous feeding, feed amount adjustable, daylnight modus, daily feed amount 5 -10 kg, 0,5 Volt-solar cell
  2. model: INTERVALL - feeding times and feeding times adjustable, day/night modus, 5 Volt-solar cell
  3. model: SUPERSPREADER - like model INTERVALL, but with spreader, suitable for pellets 1-5 mm, 5 Volt-solar cell
  4. model: UNIVERSAL -like model SUPERSPREADER, but suitable for pellets up to 12 mm, suitabie for seawater
  5. compatible with all FIAP-feed hoppers.

Order N
4700 Model Standard without feed hopper
4601 Model Solar interval without feed hopper
4602 Model Solar Superpreader without feed hopper
4603 Model Solar Universal without feed hopper
Self-driving feed lorry
This very useful and labour-saving feed lorry comes with a diesel engineand is available with or without drivers cabin. The filling tank is separated into two sections to allow feeding with two different pellet sizes at the same time. Outslets on both sides on request.
diesel engine: 21.0 kWl28 PS
                     28.5 kWl38 PS
speed: max.16 km/h
outlet: 1- 2 sides
spreading distance: max.15 m

Order N Article Hopper Motor
4700 Model 151 1500 | 21.0 kW
4710 Model 152 915 | 21.0 kW
4720 Model 161 1720 | 28.5 kW

Clockwork Feeders
Pendelum Demand Feeder "FIAP"
Pendulum System
FIAP - electronic feeding system FFAZ
FFAZ - conveyor system and spreader
FFAZ - single components and spare parts
Feeders for FFAZ
FIAP - electronic feeding system E 2000
FIAP Solar - Feeders
NAN RONG - blower feeder

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Spanish Banner: Intercambio de Enlaces
Spanish Banner: Intercambio de Enlaces.