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Clocwork feeders, Pendelum Demand feeder, Electronic Feeding , Solar Feeders, Alimentadores para Peces, Truchas, salmon, trout
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NAN RONG - blower feeder

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Wthout any installation work to be done the NAN RONG - blower feeder allows the spreading of pelleted feed from the pond edge over a distance of 6 - 8 m. A timer and the very fine adjustment allow to control the feed given in a very accurate way.
The feed hopper and the lid are made of stainless steel and has a capacity of approx.110 kg. The control and blower motor are located in the lower part of the feed hopper and weather-protected
  • spreading distance: 6 - 8 m
  • material of hopper: st.steel
  • power supply: 230 Vl50 Hz
  • capacity of hoppe: approx.110 kg
  • dimensions: d: 68 cm
                           h: 99 cm
  • weight: approx. 30 kg

  • DISK-fry feeder
    Some good arguments for the disk-feeder:
  • easy to clean
  • simple visual control
  • no adjustment necessary for
        different feed sizes
  • volume 2 - 25 I
  • also suitable for outdoor use
  • electronic control

  • The user determines the feed amount which is supposed to be given within an adjustable period of time (12, 24, 48 or 72 h) as well as the feeding intervalls (e.g.1, 2, 4, 8 oder 32 minutes). The control unit then determines automatically the corresponding feeding time..
    Order N
    4800 Disk - Feeder - 4 liter - incl. fixation to tank wall
    4801 Disk - Feeder - 4 liter - incl. swing arm fixation
    4802 Disk - Feeder - 9 liter - incl. fixation to tank wal
    4803 Disk - Feeder - 9 liter - incl.swing arm fixation
    4805 SYNCHRO - control unit for up to 50 feeders
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    Spanish Banner: Intercambio de Enlaces
    Spanish Banner: Intercambio de Enlaces.