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Clocwork feeders, Pendelum Demand feeder, Electronic Feeding , Solar Feeders, Alimentadores para Peces, Truchas, salmon, trout
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Clockwork Feeders

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Feed represents the most important part of the production costs of market sized fish and at the same time the best point to start saving money. Numerous scientific investigations have shown that the distribution of the daily feeding ratio onto as many as possibly feeding times is important to achieve a high food conversion rate and to avoid negative peaks in regards of the water quality, especiaily the oxygen concentration. Constantly increasing feed- and labour costs also strongly postulate the use of automatic feeding systems, from which we introduce you in the following to some of the worldwide most successful ones:

Advantages off the FlAP -CLOCKWORK-FEEDERS
  1. only FIAP-clockwork feeders have a double drive and guarantee an even feeding and strongest tear power.
  2. FIAP-clockwork feeders are made from plastik and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Stainless steel screw sets for use in seawater are available on request.
  3. FIAP-clockwork feeders are completelly closed. No water can penetrate into the feeder and ruin the feed. FIAP - clockwork feeders are very easy to clean.
  4. spare parts can easy be replaced by the users themselves and available for reasonal prices
  5. FIAP-clockwork feeders are ready for use and require no installation
Best.Nr Article
4330 clockwork feeder for approx. 3 kg feed - clockwork 12 hours
4305 clockwork feeder for approx. 3 kg feed - clockwork 24hours
4310 clockwork feeder for approx. 5 kg feed - clockwork 12 hours
4320 clockwork feeder for approx. 5 kg feed - clockwork 24hours
extra price for stainless steel screw set for use in seawater

Clockwork Feeders
Pendelum Demand Feeder "FIAP"
Pendulum System
FIAP - electronic feeding system FFAZ
FFAZ - conveyor system and spreader
FFAZ - single components and spare parts
Feeders for FFAZ
FIAP - electronic feeding system E 2000
FIAP Solar - Feeders
NAN RONG - blower feeder

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