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Clocwork feeders, Pendelum Demand feeder, Electronic Feeding , Solar Feeders, Alimentadores para Peces, Truchas, salmon, trout
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Pendelum Demand Feeder "FIAP"

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The use of pendulum demand feeders in the production of fingerlings and market sized fish is a low-cost and simple way to optimize the feeding. The screwable feed hopper is made of weather-resistant, green PE (10 kg white glassfibre)and can be installed at the tanks/ponds in many different ways. The pendulum system itself can be smoothly adjusted according to the Feed amount and pellet size. All parts are available as spare parts..
Order N
  • 4006 Pendulum demand feeder, complete 10 Kg, white
  • 4000 Pendulum demand feeder, complete 20 kg, green
  • 4002 Pendulum demand feeder, complete 40 kg, green
  • 4004 Pendulum demand feeder, complete 60 kg, green

  • FIAP - demand feeders are avilable with pipe leadings in order to fix the feeder above the ponds. The connections of the leading are watertight and do not allow the penetration of rain or splashwater.
    Order N
  • 4005 extra price for pipe leading for 10/20/40/60 kg - hoppers
    FIAP - feeder hoppers have an outlet opening of 110 mm and fit to the pendulum system, the FFAZ- and the E2000- electronic feeding system. A demand feeder can be changed into an electronic feeder just by solving and fixing 3 screws..
  • Type A  (cm) B  (cm) C  (cm)
    10 kg 31,5 27 36
    20 kg 38,5 31,5 46
    40 kg 47 38 67
    60 kg 59 48 84

    Feed Hoppers
    Order N Article
    4010 Feed hooper incl, lid, 10 kg - material - GRP, white
    4015 Feed hopper incl. lid, 20 kg - material - PE, green
    4020 Feed hopper incl, lid, 40 kg - material - PE, green
    4030 Feed hopper incl, lid, 60 kg - material - PE, green

    Clockwork Feeders
    Pendelum Demand Feeder
    Pendulum System
    FIAP - electronic feeding system FFAZ
    FFAZ - conveyor system and spreader
    FFAZ - single components and spare parts
    Feeders for FFAZ
    FIAP - electronic feeding system E 2000
    FIAP Solar - Feeders
    NAN RONG - blower feeder

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    Retornar a Falke

    Spanish Banner: Intercambio de Enlaces
    Spanish Banner: Intercambio de Enlaces.