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Spanish Banner: Intercambio de Enlaces.


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iN-Sight® Camera May 97

Choice of three cameras for varying circumstances and picture quality. The B&W camera provides excellent pictures in low light conditions. HR camera offer general purpose colour and the XHR camera professional quality (SVHS type) colour. Also a selection of coloured finishes, cable exit orientations, input voltages and lens options are available.

All models may be specified with a cable tail or underwater connector.

iN-Sight®XHR camera

Resolution(HTVL) +400 +360 +440
Sensitivity (Lux) 0.1 2 5
Diag Viewing angle (std lens)(°) 92 62 62
Lens Options (°) 20,40,135 20,40,82 20,40,82
Focus (Std lens) 200mm to infinity 300mm to infinity 300mm to infinity
Size excl. cable (mm) 120x Ø66 145x Ø66 145x Ø66
Cable exit Straight or Right Angle Straight or Right Angle Straight or Right Angle
Weight air/water(g) 345/90 395/125 395/125
Depth rating(m) 100/300 100/300 100/300
Voltage (std)(v)(optional) 12 (16 to28) 12 (16 to28) 12 (16 to28)
Power (nom)(w) 1.0 3.6 4.0
* includes underwater connector.

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