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iN-Sider® Camera

iN-Sider® is a high quality low cost black and white camera.
Specific detail to design and cost has opened up numerous applications both below and above the water line. The unique tough ABS plastic body makes it ideal for most environments and tasks such as diver surveillance, pipe inspection, wet location applications, security cctv and marine studies.

Standard model, iN-Sider®STM features a high resolution black and white camera with the iN-Sider®ILM model having the addition of a bank of 12 high intensity long life LEDS to produce a beam of light with usable pictures over a 5m range in total darkness. Ideal for pipes or where space is at a premium.

Custom designs can also be catered for.

Each system includes 100m of budget cable and topside interface module.
The cable can be upgraded. Picture is viewed on a TV or VCR or iDS's optional portable black and white display.

iN-SiderILM® camera

Resolution (HTVL) +400 +400
Sensitivity (Lux) 0.1 0.1
Built in Lighting n/a12 x Hyper bright LEDs
Diag Viewing angle (std lens)(°) 65 65
Lens Options (°) 40,92 40,92
Focus (Std lens) 200mm to infinity 200mm to infinity
Cable (m) 100m Budget 100m Budget
Size excl. cable (mm) Ø46x90 Ø46x90
Weight air (g) 325 345
Depth rating (m) 300 100
Voltage (std)(v)(optional) 12 (16 to28) 12 (16 to28)
Power (nom) (w) 1.0 2.4

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