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by iN-Depth Systems

May 97
iN-Depth Systems (iDS) manufacture state of the art underwater vision systems and accessories to meet the demanding needs of the market place. Unlike other manufacturers iDS specialises in custom designs, very often free of charge. Video cameras range from high resolution colour to general purpose black and white. They cater for most applications, meeting diverse needs such as, covert operations, water industry, marine research, oil & gas, sports diving, space research, drain/site inspection, cctv security and aqua culture to mention a few.

iDS's modular hand built approach allows each system to closely match the needs of the task. A selection of lighting and useful rotary actuator further enhance the operational performance of the cameras.

For a closer look at our products, visit the Photo Gallery.

iN-Sight®Prolonged use above and below the water line to 300m. Professional, diver hand held, helmet, sledge or ROV mount. In field studies or inspection.
iN-Former®Wet location above the waterline. Boats, outdoor sites, humid environments, motor vehicles, cctv security.
iN-Sider®Above and below the water line to 100m. Built in lighting option (ILM version). Pipe inspections, pre-dive wreck site surveys, aqua culture, mobile low cost rapid response, cctv security.
iN-Luminator® 100 Below the water line up to 100m. Low cost with replaceable bulbs; 6v 10w to 24v 20w.
iN-Luminator® 300As per iN-Luminator® 100 but 300m rated.
iN-Luminator® 300HP *Above and below the water line to 300m. Small inexpensive, will accept a variety of bulb options from 6v 10w to 240v 300w. * wattage restrictions apply above water.
iN-Turner®Above and below the water line to 100m. Simple to use rotate unit allowing cameras and lights to be remotely panned, tilted, or panned & tilted (two rotates required).
Budget General purpose use up to 100m long. Above and intermittent use below the water line. Light weight, OD6.6mm (nom), bright yellow, very flexible. Conductors for camera only.
Rugidised Above and below the water line. Semi professional, with tough extra thick polyurethane outer sheath. Conductors for camera and lights / rotate. OD 11.5mm(nom) flexible.
Professional Above and below the water line. Professional, with tough polyurethane outer sheath. Conductors for camera, lights and rotate. OD 12.5mm(nom) flexible.
Professional Plus Above and below the water line. Professional, with tough polyurethane outer sheath. Conductors for up to 3 cameras, lights and rotate.
OD 15.5mm(nom) semi- flexible.

Cable Moulding

As part of iDS's services cable moulding for safe reliable waterproof joints is offered. This uses a specially developed polymer which has excellent waterproof properties to provide long trouble free service.

Topside Controllers

A selection of topside controller / interface boxes are available. Each is custom built around the specification of the camera system chosen.
Options can include joystick control for rotate unit/s, built in b&w / colour displays or battery packs.


Most of the products can be specified with either IP68 (watertight, not underwater) or IL underwater connectors. Others are available on request.

Custom Design

We specialise in custom designs. Just send an outline of your needs and we'll provide guidance and suggested system details. This service is free of charge.

FALKE LTDA. FAX (56-2) 2270021 - FONO(56-2) 2277707 SANTIAG0 / CHILE
Retornar a Falke