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iN-Luminator® Light May 97

The three lights on offer provide a varied and selective role based on application and price. Each has easy change bulbs requiring no tools.
A selection of bulbs may be used depending on the model.

The 100 and 300 are manufactured from ABS plastic which is both strong and light.
Standard spot beam may be changed to flood with the free clip on diffuser.
The 300HP is made from an anodised aluminum body and clear glass dome. An optional reflector is available which can be manually adjusted to provide a variable beam pattern from spot to flood.

All models may be specified with a cable tail or underwater connector.

iN-Luminator® 100 and 300HP lights

Model 100 300 300HP
Bulbs6v10w to 24v20w6v10w to 24v20w6v10w to
240v 300w
Depth Rating (m) 100 300 300
Size excl. cable (mm) 120x Ø50 120x Ø50 115x Ø26
Weight air/water (g) 120/+100 120/+100 190/000
Beam Pattern Spot + Flood Spot + Flood Flood or *Variable
Reflector Built in Built in option (Ø100mm)
Cable exit Straight or Right Angle Straight or Right Angle Straight or Right Angle

* When used in conjunction with reflector

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