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iN-Turner® Rotate May 97

iN-Turner® rotator

This unique small compact device rotates equipment about a fixed point. It may be used to remotely pan, tilt, or pan & tilt camera, lights or any other products.
The rotator will accept a wide range of dc voltages and may be specified with a cable tail or underwater connector and finish.

Model iN-Turner®
Voltage (vdc) 12 to 24
Current (mA@12vdc) 30 (no load), 200 (normal load), 650 (stall)
Torque (Nm) +7
Rotational Speed (rpm@12vdc)6 (nom) load dependent
Rotational Speed (°@12vdc) 36 (nom) load dependent
Size excl. cable (mm) 135x Ø55
Attachment point - End 1/4" uncf x 3/8" internal
Attachment point - Shaft M5 x 10mm internal
Weight air/water (g) 520/300
Depth Rating (m) 100
Cable exit Straight or Right Angle (standard)

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